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Tretford Custom Rugs

Made in Australia using Tretford goat hair cashmere carpet.

Tretford Custom
Create bespoke designs using the 61 colours in Tretford Cord Carpet – scaled to any dimension and shape !!
Made in Australia – all Tretford colours are stocked in Gibbon Group which means excellent production leadtimes.
Either you can use your existing concept for a custom piece or our Gibbon Group design team can assist you with the whole process from start to finish.
Our Tretford Custom is a bespoke design service that can provide solutions for those specific corporate identity, brand and schematic design questions, thereby creating a unique solution to your client’s brief.

The Process

There are 3 options or ways that we can assist:

1. You can submit a completed design with dimensions for us to produce.


2. We can draw up & dimension your designs for production


3. Or create a design from scratch using a brief…

Using customer branding / identity

A colour scheme or motif

Or inspirational imagery / ideas

Submit your design

What we need:

  1. Provide your overall dimensions and shape;
  2. Determine whether your rug will be floating, in-set, wall-to-wall, or featuring up a wall;
  3. Choose your colours from the available palette of 61 shades.
  4. Supply your file (or hand drawn sketch) in one of these formats:
    • Vector: DXF, DWG, AI, EPS;
    • Image: PSD, PNG, JPG, TIFF.
  5. Design your pattern, shape or graphic composition in the above format to:


NOTE: Tretford’s ribs will generally run across the width of your rug, however this can change on request if you have a preferred direction. Email us at to discuss your options.

Submit your brief

We will arrange for our design consultant to contact you.